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Wellness Center success story: Evelyn Gardner

Thinking about trying the Wellness Center on for size? After experiencing remarkable progress in a short time, garden apartment neighbor Evelyn Gardner highly recommends it.

Though she had already been walking two miles daily, at Evelyn’s last check-up she told her doctor that she was noticing her scoliosis, a long-time diagnosis, was getting worse. “My shoulders and hips were both uneven and less flexible, and even sitting in a chair was less comfortable,” she said. Evelyn’s doctor ran a bone density test and recommended vitamin D3, more calcium and weight-bearing exercises for her legs and arms.

Evelyn turned to Wellness Director Alex Ramos who showed her how to use two machines in the Wellness Center to strengthen her arms and legs. He gave her a very specific plan for using them that maximized her effort and time without overuse. She faithfully continued her daily walks, inserting the wellness center exercises into her after-breakfast routine three days a week for about 30 minutes.

In just two short months, Evelyn says she realized that her shoulders were even again and she felt so much better. She’d even lost 4 lbs. “It’s unbelievable. At 90, I thought I was on a downward slope. I never thought it would actually change.”

Her advice to neighbors and employees alike? “Stay active. Visit with Alex. He can help you find exercises that work for your specific needs.”

Use of the Wellness Center and consultations with Alex are complimentary for all residents and employees of Newton Presbyterian Manor and are available for a small monthly fee for community members. For more information, contact Noelle Dickinson at 316-283-5400 or

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