All About Independent Living

All About
Independent Living


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from those interested in our independent living neighborhood. Read on to find out more about Newton Presbyterian Manor. If there’s a question we haven’t answered here, contact us today.

When is the right time to move into an Independent Living community?

Seniors often reach a point where they think about rightsizing. Their house may be more than they want or, for some, able to handle. They might start thinking it would be fun to sell the lawn mower and move somewhere maintenance-free. The ideal time to move into an Independent Living community is when you feel the itch to change things up, but when you are still active enough to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a senior living community.

What are my Independent Living options?

We offer beautiful one- and two-bedroom apartments, cottages, and duplexes in an array of floor plans.

How do your fees work? Is it a buy-in or a monthly fee?

Our campus offers an entrance fee with a lower monthly fee option and higher monthly accommodation option without an entrance fee. Monthly accommodation fees begin at $1,881, depending on the residence and finance option selected. Paying an entrance fee up front is like an investment that secures your money and provides an ongoing guaranteed benefit of having lower monthly costs. We recommend you speak with your financial adviser about the best option for you.

What if I still need to sell my house?

We have a financial plan/timeline that can help you commit to your next address on our campus while your house is still on the market. Ask the marketing director for details.

I have so much to do to be ready for a move. How do I manage that when you’re offering me a house/apartment now?

We work hard to ensure your move into Newton Presbyterian Manor is the least stressful move of your life. The process starts by picking out your new residence and going home with a packet of sticky notes. You can then tag the items you want to bring, and we will coordinate with the movers. After your favorite furniture and accessories are moved, the things left at home seem to hold less value and become much easier to part with in whatever way is most convenient for you. This process also gives you time to bring those few things you missed and take home the things that don’t fit perfectly. Furniture at home can be spread out to stage the house, so you don’t have to be at home through the listing process. With the financial plan to help cover those months in flux, it’s a win/win for all!

Do you offer a meal plan?

Newton Presbyterian Manor's philosophy of resident-centered senior living allows flexibility in food choices made by the residents. For Broadway Apartment residents, the noon meal is included in the monthly fee. For all other independent living residents, meal plans are available.

Meals are served buffet style with many options to choose from at each meal in the dining rooms, and a salad bar is offered at the noon and evening meals. Dessert options abound, including always-available soft-serve ice cream. There’s always fruit and a variety of snacks available as well as a coffee bar with hot chocolate and cappuccino.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we allow pets in independent living. Dogs, cats, birds and fish are allowed upon approval.

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