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By Mary Ellen Tippin

Think all the fun in life is winding down at 80, 85, 90 years of age? That certainly wasn’t the case for my mother, Ruth Vander Wilt. She lived at the Presbyterian Manor Broadway Apartments from the time she was 90 until she was 101! She died one month after moving to assisted living. (Not BECAUSE she moved to assisted living, I can assure you!)

She enjoyed such a full life living in the Broadway Apartments. Because they share a noon meal together there, she made friends and acquaintances quickly. There were game nights, Bible studies, exercises and other activities in her building as well as everything the main Manor had to offer. My mom took full advantage of so many of the events happening there too: Bible studies, chapel, musical programs, birthday parties, special speakers, holiday events—the list is endless.

I would say her last 10 years of life were meaningful, relational, and filled with people who she cared about and who loved her as well.

I know there are many who think they are giving up on life by moving to a retirement community. If there is anything I have learned from my mother’s experience, it is not to wait so long that I can’t enjoy all the wonderful things a retirement community, Presbyterian Manor for my mother, has to offer!

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