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By Jerroll Martens, Newton Presbyterian Manor chaplain

“…..the foundation of God stands sure,” says II Timothy 2:19. So wrote the apostle Paul to young pastor Timothy. This was written against the back drop of unbelief and skepticism of the truths which Paul knew were of God.

In plain words God tells us “other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 2:11 Jesus used the metaphor of the two houses, one built on the sand and the other built on the rock reminding us of the critical need of a good foundation.

The rock is often used in the Bible to represent Christ. The Psalmist spoke of being lifted out of the miry clay and placed on a rock. We sing the song, “Rock of Ages.”

Surely the gospel is our foundation. Our forgiveness and eternal relationship with God is based upon substitution, the innocent Son of God dying for sinful man. We cannot detract or add to what God has done. His foundation will stand! What peace and comfort we may have by building on this sure foundation.

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