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A tribute to a good friend

A tribute to a good friend

By Steve Schmidt, IL Resident

Tiger is an exceptionally cute Bischon Frise. He has been a resident of Newton Presbyterian Manor for a long time. He joined the Manor in 2007 and lived in a duplex on Fields Court for many years. He would perch on the back of the couch, just the right height to see out the picture window and observe the goings on of the campus—keeping watch for hours. And when the mail carrier appeared he would become beyond excited. He later moved to the Garden Apartments, enjoying life there. Later still, he moved to the Broadway Apartments where he brightened the lives of apartment dwellers. Finally, he moved to Kalb Villa where he currently lives.

Everyone knows him, it seems, both staff and residents. He greets everyone he meets in the same enthusiastic manner, whether in the hall or out on the sidewalk. He is, in fact, a greeter extraordinaire. His warm welcome extends to both two-legged creatures and four legged ones. Even when a little neighbor dog, Snickers, didn't want to be greeted—and was not friendly in return—that didn't faze Tiger. In his famously non-judgmental way, he persisted in trying to warmly greet Snickers each time he saw him. He wanted him as a friend.

Tiger has made a significant contribution to life at Presbyterian Manor, just by being Tiger. His joy, his cheerfulness, his enthusiasm for life has helped create a culture of positivity and warmth across the campus.

Tiger is naturally cute, but when he has a sweater or coat on, he brings smiles to even casual observers. This is especially so when people see him taking Maria Hernandez, his faithful companion of 16 years for a walk, or when showing Elaine Booker – a great neighbor and special friend – around campus.

Thank you, Maria, for so freely sharing Tiger with us, even when he gets more attention than you do. Little did you know that when you brought that little bundle of white fur home as an 80th birthday gift to your husband, Robert, that he would be a gift to so many others as well.

As with all of us, the years and ailments have overtaken Tiger. He is currently struggling with leg cancer. Oh, how we wish that weren't so. Yet finiteness seems to be the plan. Perhaps a final gift of Tiger's is to help us accept the things we cannot change.

Thank you, God, for adding such a loving creature to our days.

Until we meet again, three cheers to you dear Tiger.

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