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Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Montgomery-Noblitt

Lori Montgomery-Noblitt with Sophie

Heart & Soul Hospice volunteer Lori Montgomery-Noblitt wanted to give back after her husband passed away from cancer at the age of 39. “The hospice staff who came at the end of his life were so incredible,” Lori said. “I had a child under the age of two, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

While making the decision to become a volunteer, Lori also adopted Sophie, a miniature Yorkshire terrier. She quickly noticed the tiny pup had a natural ability for putting people at ease. “She can tell if people are not feeling well or are having a challenge in their lives,” she said. “She is very nurturing and seems to have a sense for how others are feeling.”

Sophie’s natural instinct inspired Lori to volunteer with her new companion. The pair have been sharing their time with Heart & Soul Hospice patients and families for almost two years. COVID-19 put a hold on volunteer work last year, but they are both ready to get back out and start making visits again. Sophie primarily works with patients with dementia and is known to arrive in style. She is usually dressed to impress in a cute little dress or a string of pearls. “We love to make a difference in people’s day, said Lori. “We just want to make them smile and be happy.”

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