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Together, We Thrive Fundraising Campaign Launches Today

Hammers continue to pound, new walls go up and beautiful changes throughout the main floor are sure to impress. But who? The goal of the remodeling is for YOU and the future residents of Newton Presbyterian Manor.

Proposed furniture, fixtures and equipment for the sal

That is why, with YOU in mind, we announce two surprise elements of the construction and remodel project. One, a complete renovation of the salon and two, a new deck accessible through French doors just beyond the dining room.

When residents had to forego small luxuries like enjoying eating in the dining room, gathering for coffee or having one’s hair done, even sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine – the need for the remodel intensified.

Now is the time to ensure the simple pleasures like a trip to the beauty shop or dining in the fresh air are available.You see, the current salon is an old existing space converted to a beauty shop in the 1980s. It hasn’t been touched since. Technology and more efficient use of space could allow for a much more enjoyable visit and accommodate more services in the salon.

Outdoor activity space is limited, and the current areas available do not allow easy access to nature, or the ability to offer the varying types of gatherings that residents and their families desire most.

The pandemic has exposed the tremendous need for updates to our salon and the need for an outdoor gathering and dining space. These changes are not possible without the help of the community.

To remedy the problem, members of the Newton community have joined forces to create the Together, We Thrive Fundraising Campaign to raise $75,000. The funds will allow resources to renovate the beauty salon and complete the addition of an outdoor deck, including all furniture and accessories.

Thanks to the generous estate gift of Christena Bowen, and an investment from PMMA, we are excited to watch as a major remodeling project continues to unfold on our campus. However, to also renovate the beauty salon, and add an outdoor deck, we need additional support to meet the projected completion date of fall 2021.

It's all within our reach.  YOU can help make it a reality.

In the months leading up to this announcement, others believed in our vision so much they made a gift. However, we need additional support to meet our projected completion date of fall 2021.

Are you interested in helping reach our fundraising goal for a new salon and deck? We know the last year has been tough, but we look forward to brighter days and the beauty within our community. Please join our caring donors and donate today.  Every gift matters.

Suggested ways to give

  • Online
  • Check
  • Gift through IRA Rollover
  • Gift of appreciated stock or security

To learn about other gift options available, contact Regina Barger at

Campaign Steering Committee

  • Carolyn Adams
  • Marci Andres
  • Marc Kessinger, executive director
  • Mary Ellen Tippin
  • Robetta Trapp
  • Rev. Bob Wyman
  • Susan Wyman

PMMA Support Staff

  • Regina Barger
  • Patti Christen
  • Noelle Dickinson
  • Sarah Oenning

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