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Second Timothy 3 has a list of undesirable and unsavory characteristics which will describe people in future times.  Some words used are: covetous, proud, unholy, traitors, slanderers, blasphemers, unforgiving.  Then the word “unthankful” also appears.  Who of us would think that ingratitude could be that bad?  It is one of those things that seems to sneak in the back door of our heart before we realize it.

The Bible speaks highly of the virtue of gratitude. There are a number of simple injunctions for us to be thankful.  It is a continual pattern in the book of Psalms.  The Bible even refers to thankfulness as a sacrifice to God—He is so well pleased.

Being around a person of ingratitude is like the smell of an unpleasant odor while the presence of a grateful person is like the smell of a fresh flower.  Many of us probably need to work on our attitude of gratitude.  Let’s thank God for giving us His Son, for family and friends, and for a host of daily needs which He supplies.

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