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Pastor Appreciation Breakfast

On Thursday, October 27, residents enjoyed an opportunity to invite their local and area pastor(s) to join them in our first Pastor Appreciation Breakfast!

The event was held in the main dining room as a part of Clergy Appreciation Month.

Participants were residents who had personally invited their pastors to come to the event. In all, 11 pastors joined more than 40 residents for breakfast!

A devotional was shared by Chaplain Greg and a “Prayer of Blessing” offered by the residents to their pastor(s). Individual congregations were honored by placing a placard with the church’s name on a table and having the pastor and their parishioners sit together to fellowship with one another throughout the hour-long event.

Chaplain Greg and his wife, Marguerite, provided a basket of treats that went along with a story about ministry that was shared with participating pastors. Heart & Soul Hospice offered a special gift bag and Chaplain Greg, the Chaplain of Heart & Soul Hospice, offered informational insights as to the nature of our Hospice, as a part of the continuum of care offered to residents at Newton Presbyterian Manor.

It was announced that the NPM Spiritual Life Committee purchased Gideon Bibles that would be placed in local/area hotels and motels in honor of the 52 pastors who serve our residents and their congregations in Newton, surrounding communities and in other states!  

Sarah Juhl and her entire dining team were honored for their delicious contributions to the breakfast!

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