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When Haury Place opened its doors in 1986, Newton Presbyterian Manor (NPM) became the first senior living community in the state of Kansas to feature a dedicated memory care neighborhood. It was a groundbreaking moment for the community and one that symbolized an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch memory care that continues today.

In the more than 30 years that have passed, NPM has gone on to create Anderson Place, an assisted-living memory care neighborhood and has provided specialized training to staff members enabling them to provide customized treatment plans for residents.

To put it simply, memory care is a priority and a passion at NPM. For proof, look no further than the community’s executive director, Marc Kessinger, who takes great pride in the culture that has been created by a team of caring and dedicated professionals who serve the community each and every day.

“From the birthday parties that they arrange to the anniversary parties that the employees put together that all mean something special to the residents and their spouses, our staff is what makes all the difference,” said Marc. “We still have family members and employees who have moved on that come back to play cards or visit with our memory care residents. It becomes more than a job, it becomes a family.”

NPM staff members have been known to go above and beyond the job at hand to provide an unmatched level of care that the community has become known for. From scheduled public outings to impromptu events around the community, the staff never shies away from doing the little things that make a big difference in the lives of those they serve.

“If the weather is nice, the barbecue grill will come out and they are in the courtyard grilling hamburgers and hot dogs,” said Marc. “There have even been evenings when the movie projector has come out for a ‘drive in’ and popcorn night.”

Beyond the service provided by the community’s staff, Marc is also proud of the continuum of care found within the community.

“Other communities may ask a neighbor with Alzheimer’s to move out as they decline and require additional levels of care,” said Marc. “At NPM, there is a transition to another neighborhood with additional staff without leaving our campus and staff.”

But for Marc, above all, the community’s commitment to memory care comes down to love and compassion.

“Our culture is built upon our mission of quality care guided by Christian values,” said Marc. “I like to tell the story of one of our residents that suffers with Alzheimer’s who, during his walks, would stop and say, ‘how does everyone know my name?’ to which the staff member would reply, ‘because everyone knows and loves you!’”

“This place is hard to beat, just ask anyone that knows us.”

Behavior-Based Ergonomic Therapy (BBET) is a program used in Anderson Place and Haury Place focusing on personalized tools to connect residents to memories through music, movies, memory boxes and activities.

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