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John Spielman named director of environmental services

John Spielman, director of environmental services

On Sept. 20 Newton Presbyterian Manor welcomed John Spielman to the community as its new director of environmental services.

Prior to joining the staff, John was the manager of the environmental services department at Newton Medical Center for seven years. In his new position, John says his job responsibilities are partly to keep the community looking good while also protecting the safety of everyone who lives and works here.

“I want to make sure everything looks good so that people get a great first impression and things are maintained, but I’m also helping to maintain an environment that people can’t see—one that’s protecting them from the virus.”

As to his last point, John believes that the current COVID-19 pandemic has placed a much-needed spotlight on the work of all those in the field of environmental services.

“If it wasn’t for the field of environmental services, we wouldn’t have the type of infection control that we do. That wasn’t pronounced until COVID came along and then it became super important—it’s what is protecting our hospitals and our co-workers,” said John.

And while John has only been a member of the community for a few short months, he has already built a strong affinity to both his surroundings and those he serves.

“I have a lot of passion about my staff, my building, my clients and my residents,” said John. “I take a lot of ownership of what I do and who I do it for.”

As a self-proclaimed “cracker box ordained minister” and someone who volunteers his time at several local churches, John has also appreciated the faith-based approach to the Newton Presbyterian Manor community.

“I’ve been surrounded by so many people who are faith-filled, and that’s important to me,” said John.

John was born and raised in Newton. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his two dogs, and being outside gardening, camping, hunting and fishing.

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