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Jennie Johnson returns ‘home’ to become new director of nursing

On February 13th, Jennie Johnson became Newton Presbyterian Manor’s new director of nursing in health care. A 20-plus-year veteran of PMMA®, Jennie was a member of the Newton staff up until 2015 when she became director of nursing at Wichita Presbyterian Manor. Following that, Jennie was named administrator of Heart & Soul Hospice in 2018.

As for why she decided to return to Newton, Jennie said it was part professional and part personal.

“They needed a director of nursing and I wanted to be challenged more in my career. I enjoy being on the go and as the administrator of hospice there was more desk time than I was used to,” said Jennie. “But my children and grandchildren also live in the Newton and Hesston area, so I was eager to be close to them again. I raised my kids in Newton, so it was all about ‘coming home.’”

According to Jennie, the things she has enjoyed the most about being back at Newton Presbyterian Manor has been the opportunity to build relationships with families and residents and being surrounded by a staff that she can grow alongside. Beyond that, she is grateful to PMMA for allowing her to develop professionally within an organization that shares her personal mission in life.

“I feel so blessed to be part of a faith-based organization where I have had the opportunity to grow!” said Jennie.

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