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For Giblin, painting was just the latest of many of personal challenges

While most people like to stick to what they know and play to their strengths, Joey Giblin has a slightly different outlook on life.

“I always like to try things I don’t think I can do—SCUBA diving, sky diving, ballet (big, big problems there),” said Joey.

It was that sense of adventure—and the need to always push herself outside of her comfort zone—that initially led Joey to take up painting.

“I was a commercial interior designer for 30 years, but that’s very mechanical—space planning, sitting at a drawing board. I always knew I could draw, but I had taken painting in college and didn’t think it was something I could do,” said Joey. “So, I tried oil painting about three years ago thinking it would be a hoot and ended up loving it.”

Joey Giblin

During the process, Joey found that painting fulfilled something within her that had been missing.

“My body changes when I do something creative, I feel peace and energy at the same time,” said Joey. “My career used to do that for me, so this has really replaced what I lost in retirement.”

“Neighbors” painting by Joey Giblin

Along with the physical and psychological effects, Joey also began to get a sense of pride in her work and a desire to share them with others—ultimately leading her to enter her painting, “Neighbors,” in the 2020 Art is Ageless® competition.

“I just thought they would enjoy it, I wasn’t looking so much at the contest,” said Joey. “I just thought it was something they would enjoy seeing.”

And they did.

The painting won “best of show” at the masterpiece level in the competition’s amateur division.

“I’m still shocked, I didn’t see it coming! It’s really hard to evaluate your own paintings, so I’m just thrilled—I’m tickled by it,” said Joey.

While it was Joey’s first time entering Art is Ageless, her connection to Newton Presbyterian Manor began years earlier when her mother-in-law moved into the community following a severe illness—an experience that was so positive that Joey ultimately went on to serve on the Newton Presbyterian Manor advisory council.

Now, having experienced the thrill of being involved with the Art is Ageless herself, Joey thinks others should join in whether they think of themselves as artistic or not.

“I would encourage other people to give art a try,” said Joey. “All of us have a creative bug in us and it’s good for our mental and emotional well-being.”

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