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For Brittany Jaso, education assistance provides great opportunity!

As a recipient of a PMMA Employee Scholarship, Healthcare Center Mentor and Certified Medication Aide Brittany Jaso is using the financial aid she recently received to complete the prerequisites needed to enter the nursing program at Hutchinson Community College. Brittany views becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) as a critical first step in her ideal career trajectory.

“Ultimately, I would love to eventually get my RN after working as an LPN for a while,” said Brittany. “I enjoy hospice care, so I am leaning towards a hospice setting, but I’ve also considered working my way to the top as a director of nursing.”

From a personal standpoint, the support—both financial and emotional—Brittany has received from Presbyterian Manor has had a tremendous effect on her and her family.

“I am a single mom, so Presbyterian Manor being willing to help me financially is incredible,” said Brittany. “School doesn’t come cheap, and Newton Presbyterian Manor understands that my daughter is my first priority. Them awarding me with the assistance they have—and continue to—not only helps me financially but it gives me motivation to keep going because they believe in me even when sometimes my confidence is shaken.”

When she’s not at work or school, Brittany can usually be found spending time with her daughter, however she does allow herself a little “me time” whenever her daughter is too busy for her.

To learn more about the PMMA Employee Scholarship program, and how you can contribute, visit The Employee Education Scholarship applications process is completed in the spring for the next school year.

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