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By Jerroll Martens, Chaplain

“Thou art my portion…..” Psalm 119:57

The Psalmist had made a deliberate decision. He chose God as his all in all.

A man’s portion is that which he chooses as his chief object, where he puts his energy, what he loves, what molds him. It may be wealth, fame, pleasure, illicit life style, even simple ease of life. But man is not only body and mind; He also has a spirit. The body will grow old and pass away but the spirit will live on forever. Yet so little attention is given to the spirit. The Psalmist chose God and now he belonged to God and God belonged to him. He was a rich man.

He had God now. If we do not have God in this life, it is too late after death. It has been said that no person is ready to live until he is ready to die. He could know what it was to have God in daily life, His strength and fellowship.

He had that which satisfies and comforts. Death will come to family and friends, and God has great comfort to give. The guilt of conscience can be heavy, and God can forgive and encourage. Pleasures, fame, wealth have little to offer in satisfying the soul of man. It has been said that when a person has God, he has all he really needs.

The Psalmist also had something permanent. Millionaires have seen their wealth disappear, as estates can change with the stroke of a pen.

Nothing really belongs to a person if it can be taken from him. If one has God, he has all God has, it is eternal as God is.

Finally, this relationship is available to all. God offers himself to all, “seek the Lord while he may be found.” Jesus came to give us life. May He be our portion!

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