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By Jerroll Martens, chaplain Newton Presbyterian Manor

“Pray without ceasing.” — I Thessalonian 5:17

The violence and tragic deaths in recent years have caused some people to be cynical about prayer.

They believe prayer is useless in these situations. Often, they are crude and vocal in their criticism of God and believers. Using caustic language, they tell believers to stop praying and “Do something.”

Believers should never be shamed from prayer. Evil times demand more prayer than ever. Those who suffer the loss of a loved one or friend need our prayers. God wants to be close to them, and he will comfort them.

Surely we can never blame a loving God for the evil in the heart of man. And, we may never know how much prayer has done to prevent even more tragedies.

It is right and good for us to pray. Pray for those who suffer loss, for law enforcement, for first responders and for those who seek to prevent evil. Pray that hearts would be tender toward God.

Yes, let’s keep praying!

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