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By Jerroll Martens, Chaplain

A brief news clip told of a survey in which people were asked what it would take for them to feel successful. Some major items listed were: a home twice the size they had, a vehicle twice as good as the one they had, taking nice vacations and eating in expensive restaurants.

This seems to show the human condition always needing more to be content. And, where is gratitude? We are reminded of the first two people in the Garden of Eden who were given a “yes” to everything around them, except for one “no.” The Devil convinced them God was depriving them of something in that one “no” and they became discontented leading to disobedience.

I Timothy 6:6 tells us, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Contentment can make us rich in attitude and do far more than outward things. Notice that “godliness” indicates a preparedness for the next life, or a very wise insight. The rich farmer in Luke prepared for this life but had no plans for the next life. Indeed, a fool.

The apostle Paul stated he had “learned” to be content with little or much. Most of us probably need to learn the same. Yes, godliness with contentment is great gain. That gain equals SUCCESS.

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