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By Jerroll Martens, chaplain

Newton Presbyterian Manor

“In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, flee as a bird to your mountain?” Psalm 11:1

These are the words of a youthful David as he serves in the court of wicked King Saul. David’s music quieted the heart of the king when he was overcome with depression and agitated in mind. The court had many who apparently were jealous of David and hated his presence. They lied about David and plotted to take his life. A few people were David’s friends, and had come to the conclusion that Saul’s governing had become so corrupt that a righteous man such as David could do no good. He needed to run for his life!

David reminds his friends that God has placed him there, and he will trust God rather than run. He also reminds his friends that God is in His Temple and things look very different from that vantage point. Let us, too, learn to trust God when things seem difficult and hopeless. There may be voices within and without that tell us to run away from God, but that is the very time we need to run to Him and be close to Him. It is always right to trust the promises of God.

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