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By Jerroll Martens, Chaplain

“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” II Cor. 9:15

The Christmas season always reminds us of gifts. We have memories of gifts received as children, perhaps we are thinking of gifts to give others.

This verse speaks of God’s gift, which is so wonderful that words fail in describing it. That a holy and righteous God would offer sinful man such a gift is astounding.

Notice, it is God’s gift to give. No other person or being can give us this gift. It is offered out of his mercy and love, not merit we deserve.

A true gift is without a cost to us. It also is described as a “free gift.” Salvation involves the righteousness of God being given to us—as a gift. The death of our Savior on the cross paid the price for sin’s forgiveness and that is now offered to us as a gift. We do not become righteous in God’s sight by our good life, rather it is God’s righteousness given to us because He paid the payment for our sin. It is a gift. Let us also be thankful for the gift and the giver.

To possess a gift, it must be received. And we do not insult the giver by insisting that we pay for it. The story is told of an individual who was in prison scheduled to be executed. Only the governor could offer a pardon and indeed it was offered to this man. For some reason he rejected it. Now what? The law indicated that if it was rejected, he must die. May we not devalue or miss the greatest gift of all! Merry Christmas!

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