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By Jerroll Martens, Chaplain

Psalm 56:9 “When I cry………this I know. God is for me.”

What an infinite truth to know that the God of the universe is for me! He was for me before time began, before my coming into this world. Yes, God has plans for us, He wants our best. He is not for us in the sense that we are for a certain sports team, rather he is for us in desiring His blessings to be ours.

He was for us when he created planet earth for our present home. He was for us when he sent his beloved son to earth, when his son bore our sins on the cross. He was for us when the Savior arose from the dead assuring us of the total price of sins are paid, assuring us that we too have a resurrection.

Surely we can look back in our lives and see His direction, protection, care and special help during the hard times. He has assured us that his presence will never leave us alone and that He is preparing a wonderful home for those who love Him. As we seek to walk in His ways in a sin-cursed world, He assures us that He is for us.

Our universe is full of the wonders of a gracious creator God. But of all His creation and wonders, we are the object of His care—He is for us! The Psalmist seemed to say that when he prayed he knew God heard, because He is for us! He welcomes our cry for salvation, for help in time of need, the assurance that He will always be for us!

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