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Chaplain’s Corner: All for the glory of God

By Jerroll Martens

“…whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (I Corinthians 10:31)

This verse reminds us that our Christianity should impact all we do, and do so seven days a week. Christ should be honored every day by our lives, not just Sunday.

First, life is to be lived for the honor and glory of God, not self-centered. The natural tendency is to think of one’s self first and act accordingly. The Christian should have a God focus, not a focus on self. Loving and serving God should have priority.

This verse also reminds us that the daily chores of life can bring glory to God. The factory worker, the custodian, the housewife with children, the company president can and should do their work to honor God and serve others. God ordained work and we should do it for His glory.

There is also a sanctifying element in this verse. There are activities and places where Christians ought not be a part of. If one cannot honestly pray for God’s blessing and do something for the glory of God, it probably is not the right thing to do or right place to be. Let’s glorify God in all we do!

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