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Chaplain’s Corner: The need to die

In John 12, Jesus gives the metaphor of the seed either remaining alone or producing much fruit. In order to bring fruit, it must be planted and die. One seed dies but produces many more new ones. A seed of wheat may produce up to 50 new ones. One peach seed can produce a new tree with a harvest year after year. If we are to produce a spiritual harvest, like the seed, we must die. We must die to the idea that our life is ours to run; rather, it is God’s life to use. Pleasing God must be more important than pleasing ourselves. Our love for God should surpass our love for ourselves and all other loves. It is not what one can get out of life but what one can give to God so that He can multiply it and bring glory to Himself. It is putting oneself at the disposal of God for Him to use. Jesus warned that if we love our own life more that we love Him, we end up losing all that could have been ours with His blessing. Our Lord died shortly after speaking of the seed dying. His death made possible the gift of forgiveness and eternal life to all who receive Him. What a harvest!!


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